Thursday, 21 January 2016

Michal Shalev shares the creative process for her picture book 'How to Be Famous'

The other day I reviewed How to Be Famous by Michal Shalev . When I found Michal's website I sent her an email asking about the media she had used to create the illustrations. She very kindly answered me and has sent the following information about her process for creating the illustrations. Thank you so much Michal! 

The illustrations in the book “How To Be Famous” are a combination of colored pencils, chinagraph and various textures that I layered digitally together.

When I started developing the book, I wrote the text and created the illustrations simultaneously.
I started with some rough pencil sketches to get a general idea of the compositions and the story's sequence.

Once I have decided on the final sketch I traced it to a digital, more detailed version.

Then I printed the sketch and hand-traced selected parts of the illustration with colored pencils and chinagraph.

Sometimes this step can take a while in order to find the one I'm most happy with.

Next, I scan it again.  I created various textures with every possible medium I could find on my desk, in the yard or even in the kitchen.  All the textures were scanned and categorized.
Afterwards, I started working on the digital collage, combining the different layers together in order to create the shapes and colour palettes I wanted for each spread.
It was important to me to create a clear contrast between the grey pigeon and the various colourful environments in order to distinguish and emphasize its presence.

The final illustration is:

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